Where can you get good steak in NYC?

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House at 1221 Avenue of the Americas is pricey but an amazing place if you are looking for the “WOW” effect. Decor and food are both excellent. If you go to Del Frisco’s definitely try the macaroni and cheese. Doesn’t sound like something one generally orders at a nice steakhouse but it is excellent.

Peter Lugars, by far, has the best porterhouse on the planet. I love porterhouse, and I can’t imagine anyone making one that has more flavor than Lugars. It’s the old grill, the cooking technique, everything. However, judging the place as a “complete” steakhouse, and for the money it costs, it definitely falls short.

Sparks is a nicer atmosphere, has a great selection of incredible steaks, and unbelievable side dishes. Lugars has great creamed spinach, but the other sides available fall short of Sparks, and a few other steakhouses (including Uncle Jack’s). Plus, Lugars takes old-school to a whole new level. The wooden tables, no menu, old grouchy (at times) wait staff, and just a general attitude that you’re not going to find anything better, so they can’t do anything wrong.

I don’t prefer Lugars to any of the steakhouses mentioned here, unless I’m in the mood for a porterhouse, and don’t care how much it costs. But that’s a pretty rare occasion.

I really like Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse, which is on 9th Ave between 34th and 35th. It’s pretty close to the theatres, like a 5-10 minute walk or a $4 cab ride. The steaks are phenomenal, the atmosphere is part old-school steakhouse, part trendy Manhattan spot, and pretty lively on most nights. You really can’t go wrong there.

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