The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has one of the largest collections of art in the world.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

1000 Fifth Avenue; (212) 535-7710 (recording); 879-5500 (libraries); 570-3711 (tours).
Tuesday – Sunday 9:30 a.m.-5:15 p.m., Friday & Saturday 8:45 a.m.; closed Mondays.
Adults $7.00, Seniors & Students $3.50, Children under 12 Free (most tours included).
Handicap accessible; variety of dining facilities; picnic areas in nearby Central Park; guided and self-guided tours; school group tours; highlight tours of specific interest.

Within 20 to 30 minutes from George Washington Bridge; two miles Grand Central Station; 10-15 minutes Henry Hudson Pkwy; accessible by cross-town bus and subway.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met as it is called by New Yorkers) has over two million magnificent works of art from around the world, covering a remarkable timeline in history. This priceless collection includes classical Greek paintings and sculpture and most of the European masterpieces, as well as American and modern art. There are many fine art works from Egypt, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, in addition to wonderful examples of Byzantine and Islamic art. Other outstanding collections in the Met include works by Frank Lloyd Wright, European antique weapons, and historical musical instruments. The store at the Met is filled with priceless framed art, posters, music, jewelry, books, and other classic items. There are 15 types of memberships available including individual, associate, family, donor, and sponsorships. The Met is a fascinating world of art and culture that encompasses every region of the earth from 20,000 B.C. until today.

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