New York Jets Football

The New York Jets have some exciting young players and while I’d rather see a Giants game, a Jets game would be a close second when touring New York City.

New York Jets
The Meadowlands Sports Complex
50 State Route 120
East Rutherford, NJ 07073

Ticket Information

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The Meadowlands Sports Complex is wheelchair accessible.

Directions to Meadowlands Sports Complex:

From George Washington Bridge, take Interstate 95 South to NJ Turnpike, Take exit 16W

From Lincoln Tunnel, Take Route 3 West, follow signs

For bus schedules call New Jersey Transit at 1-800-772-2222

Approximate Time Travel (with no traffic)
From Manhattan: less than 15 minutes
From Empire State Building: 15 minutes
From Queens, NY: 30 minutes

While the home games for the New York Jets are played in New Jersey’s Meadowland Sports Complex, there is no doubt that the football team is New York! Known for some of the finest football players, such as Joe Namath and Don Maynard, the Jets are a team to be reckoned with. If visiting New York during the football season, a New York Jets game is something you have got to experience!

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  1. admin Says:

    I wanted to share verbatim this experience. It’s not my own experience, but I trust the source and have quoted him exactly.
    He called it a “long winded bitch (my stadium experience friday) during the Giants Jets preseason game, a homegame for the Jets technically.”

    Here it is:

    i wrote in last week inquiring about stadium rules in reference to bringing a disabled friend, well, stop reading if you don’t want to hear me play my violin….but if you’re REALLY bored, be my guest :

    so anyway, i get this idea to get inexpensive tickets thru ncaa-something or other and i purchase 5 tix all together online so my wife, brother & sister-inlaw & our best friend can go see the game. he’s a jet fan but we forgive him : )

    we get to the handicap area & i ask the usher who’s wearing a red shirt if we can hang out together? The usher says, “only one attendant per disabled person.” So i begin to beg nicely and he says you’ll have to ask a supervisor. So we seek out a supervisor (someone who wears a black shirt) and again i ask, may we hang out together to which he replies, no, the rule is 1 person per disabled person.

    this ‘rule’ by the way isn’t avalible online, nor did anyone from customer service e-mail me back from giants stadium when i posed this concern prior to purchasing tickets

    so anyway, my wife & my sister in-law begin to nicely plead and beg for him to allow us to hang out together to which this supervisor finally says, ok, I’ll allow 2 of you to stay. he takes the girls’ tickets & initials the back of them which i guess made it official…. So my brother & I are hanging out,
    hoping if the place doesn’t become packed (which it didn’t) we also might be able to stay in this section and watch the game together. (these handicap sections if not familiar with giants stadium can seat approx. 30 or more people comfortably, with or without wheelchairs). the section we were at
    (section 124) , 3 wheel chairs with their guests and one gentleman with a cane showed up.

    All together there was 10 or 11 people maybe? Not even 1/3rd capacity imo.
    so my brother & i ass-u-me we can stay with our wives & friend because it was practically empty.

    10 minutes into the game, we’re all enjoying life, watching the game, the same supervisor comes back and with a very distraught voice says, “i told you only two people, now the 4 of you are in here, your gonna get me in trouble, you’re causing me trouble”, and starts working himself up into a frenzy.
    now you guys/gals here at bbi don’t know me personally, but i’m not a pushy guy or one to break rules, as a matter of fact i’d consider myself a timid, shy, quiet type. I do not want to cause trouble to anyone, and i said that to this supervisor that we’re not not here to cause you trouble or cause a problem.
    we just wanna watch the game together as a family. we weren’t loud, drunk or obnoxious. so again after some pleading and begging, the guy says to my brother and I, look, you two stand up against the back wall & maybe at halftime you can stay. so my brother and I are standing up against the back wall, and our wives are seated on either side of our friend Rick.

    Rick happens to leave to either get beer and or go to the bathroom, (Rick doesn’t need an “attendant” he is totally independent, he’s ‘only’ paralyzed from the waist down!), and this red shirt usher comes in, demands to see our tickets, we show him & he says get out.

    i explain the situation to him and he says i don’t care, you can’t stay. You don’t have tickets for this area. this guy didn’t believe Rick was with us because he wasn’t present at the time. So i explained to him again that we’ve got permission to stand up against the wall until the half & the girls have tickets signed by this supervisor oking us to be there.

    So the guy says, YOU’VE GOT 10 MINUTES! i asked 10 minutes for what? to prove we’re with a disabled person? he says i don’t see any disabled person and either way, you can’t stay in here!

    So to make a very long story a little shorter, my brother and i meandered back and forth to nearby stadium openings to catch glimpses of the game, waiting for halftime so we could maybe go back in with our family.

    at halftime, two black shirts show up with this red shirt and they argued at length about whether or not we could stay in there. they came to a consensus and this supervisor says to me, you can stay….. HELLO? Wtf?

    well, not until after the game did i find out this usher and supervisors got HEAVILY tipped by our friend Rick and it’s my belief he tipped them because he was feeling guilty about us being excluded, in his mind because of him. WOW! what should have been a great time became a very disturbing evening of events at giants stadium. there’s more that took place i didn’t mention and i know there’s a lot more to the story that i don’t even now about that my brother and his wife and my wife and Rick haven’t even told me yet, and i’m not sure i even want to know.

    i’ve taken up enough space….. Thanx 4 listening Doctors… : )
    So thanx 4 letting me vent (not that you had a choice). It really seemed like we were treated unfairly to say the least! it will be a long long time, if ever that i go back to that stadium, or for that matter the new one.