Ground Zero

Ground Zero, formerly the site of the Twin Towers, is under construction and will soon have a memorial established on the site where people lost their lives on September 11, 2001 due to a terrorist attack. This is commonly referred to as an example of grief tourism.

Due to the fact that Ground Zero is still under construction, there is not a lot to see at the location at this time. Visitors can get to Ground Zero by taking either the blue or red lines into downtown New York to Chambers Street. Visitors also have the option of taking the green line directly downtown to Fulton Street. From there, Ground Zero is but a short distance and visitors can walk the few blocks to arrive at this historic site.

Formerly the site of the World Trade Center, New York Ground Zero is the site where many people lost their lives on that tragic day, September 11, 2001. Currently under reconstruction, Ground Zero will soon be the site of new buildings and a commemoration to all those that lost their lives during the terrorist attack. If visitors wish to take the Green line to Fulton Street, they can stop by the nearby St. Paul’s chapel and view the temporary wall that has been established for mementos that have been left by the victims’ families.

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