Good restaurants near Giants Stadium (The Meadowlands)

There are plenty of good restaurants near Giants Stadium (The Meadowlands) though you will need a car.

Cafe Matisse in Rutherford: one of the best restaurants in NJ. Neither Italian or a steak house, but serves some of the most creative dishes around. It is pricey ($165 per couple) but well worth it! It is a ‘bring your own bottle’ also.

Park and Orchard: a nice place close to the stadium. Huge wine list (if that is your thing). Pretty eclectic.

Regina Margarita in Nutley: Great little Italian place, a BYOB. It is on Washington ave in Nutley just before you cross into Belleville. You won’t be disappointed. You will need reservation, however.

Terrific little Italian restaurant: Bazzarelli on Moonachie Road (the road that runs between the Izod Arena and Giants Stadium) about a 4 minute drive north from Giants Stadium on the left side of the street just before you reach the firehouse.

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