Asian Art in NYC

In an event not that well pubilicized away from the Asian Art Community itself, starting Saturday is a 5 day period in which some extraordinary Asian Art is being brought to NYC for display and sale. The following is a list of some of the highlights. Some are free.

–The Arts of Pacific Asia show, which is the cornerstone now that a competing Asian art show at the Park Avenue Armory has been cancelled. 7 W. 34th St.

–Major shows at Sotheby’s and Chrisite’s, with auctions to follow.

— A 3-day show starting Sunday at the Ukranian Institute of the Japanese Art Dealer’s Association. Also free.

–I. M. Chait is holding a 2 shows and auctions, including 1 on Asian Art and on natural history with a fully reconsituted dinosaur skeleton and a fuly reconstructed young wooly mammoth. (Linked)

–Most of the Asian Art galleries in midtown will be open this weekend with major showings. Many are on 57th street between Madison and Park, including a big cluster in the Fuller Building, near Madison and some in buildings right across the street. One in the Fuller Building has one of the greatest collections of Oriental Rugs I have ever seen.

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