Angelica Kitchen organic vegan & vegetarian restaurant

Angelica Kitchen is in Manhattan at 300 East 12th St, between 1st & 2nd Ave. This restaurant is a favorite with people from all over NYC and with tourists because the food is outstanding. I’m not a vegetarian, but I let my vegan sister drag me here one time and I ordered the tempeh sandwich – it was outstanding.

Now I’ve been to Angelica Kitchen a number of times. It’s fairly expensive and they only take cash so come prepared. Some of the better meals I’ve had there include the chili and awesome cornbread. The hummus is delicious. I’ve never gotten one of the more dragon bowls, but these might be just the thing if you’re in the mood to go back to basics.

Their drink and desert selection is great too. Their creative fruit juices and teas are always wonderful and the deserts are as good as vegans can get – which means they are pretty good. However, if you’re planning to get some delicious yet horribly unhealthy dairy deserts you’ll need to go somewhere else.

There is a no cell phone policy but the restaurant is often crowded and noisy so it might not make much difference.

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